Tips for eligible organisations

in applying for an Incentive Fund grant

The Incentive Fund has been providing grants to a wide range of organisations in Papua New Guinea since 2000.

Funded by the Australian Government, grants are awarded on a competitive basis to organisations that can use the funding to provide better services and create economic opportunities for the people of PNG.

To receive an Incentive Fund grant an organisation must demonstrate that they have strong financial management capacity, the capability to manage projects, have a commitment to improving the lives of women and girls, and an ability to demonstrate the impact of their work.

Who can apply?

A wide range of PNG organisations are eligible to apply for funding, including:
• Provincial and local-level governments and their trading organisations
• Statutory government authorities (such as research organisations, universities, schools and hospitals)
• Community and faith-based organisations
• Private sector organisations

All eligible organisations must be registered with the Investment Promotion Authority or be established by PNG legislation. National government departments are not eligible for funding.

Stage-one criteria for an Incentive Fund grant

Is your organisation interested in applying for an Incentive Fund grant? To pass through the first-stage of the five-stage grant process you must be able to answer yes to the following five questions.

1.Is your organisation registered with the Investment Promotion Authority or established by PNG legislation?

  1. Is your project requesting funding between K1 million to K10 million?

  2. Will project assets being created be publicly or community owned?

  3. Do you have two consecutive years of externally audited accounts available from the last four years?

  4. If your project has an infrastructure component, can land title be demonstrated?

If you answer yes to the five questions above then your project is eligible to apply for an Incentive Fund grant.

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Dates for Strategic Management Group meetings

One of the most frequently asked questions of the Incentive Fund team is, ‘When is the next round of funding opening and when do I need to get my application in by?’

The governing body of the Incentive Fund, called the Strategic Management Group, has decided that eligible organisations can apply for an Incentive Fund grant at any time. The Strategic Management Group will meet to consider submitted concept notes four times a year and determine which will proceed to the next stage of the grant process.

The decision to have an open funding round is in the interest of providing the best opportunity for organisations to submit high quality proposals, as there is no deadline for submission.

However, there is a final date to submit an application in order to be considered by the Strategic Management Group at their quarterly meetings. This information is presented in the Table 1. on the right so that potential applicants can plan their proposals. These dates are relevant for those at any stage of the five-stage grant process.

Applicants will be notified of the result within two weeks after each meeting.

All eligible organisations should take the time necessary to complete applications that address all requirements and to ensure they are professional in their content and presentation. This is because the Incentive Fund five-stage grant process is competitive at each stage and each application will be compared against others to gain access to available funding.

During 3 phases over 15 years Incentive Fund has funded over 59 projects valued at around PGK368 million from 18 of PNG's 22 provinces
People who specialise in areas need to be given the opportunity to put plans together. The project manager can manage it but the technical people must be able to put the plans together.

Captain Dabung Kiong
Principle, PNG Maritime College, Madang

We are less when we don’t include everybody

Stuart Milk

Incentive Fund and its Gender and Social Inclusion mandate

Social Inclusion means ensuring that socially excluded people such as women, children, those with HIV or other health concerns have equal conditions for realising their full human rights and potential to contribute to national, political, economic, social and cultural development, and to benefit from the results.

Incentive Fund has a mandate by the governments of Australia and PNG to ensure that each funded project has a focus on the empowerment of women and girls, and measure (or assist in measuring) changes in their lives as a result of the grants provided.

The current Incentive Fund Phase 4 builds on the previous phase approaches and takes a three dimensional approach to working with the Partner Organisations to implement their respective social inclusion activities:
• at organisational level through their policies, procedures, culture, management and staff;
• at project level through the project management team on the design and practicalities of buildings and improved awareness, knowledge on the part of the contractors, beneficiaries and other stakeholders; and
• at the services level through champions to identify where services to social inclusion groups could be enhanced and sustained.

Organisations applying for project funding must demonstrate how gender and social inclusion activities will be linked to their organisation, their project, and ultimately enhance their service delivery.

Incentive Fund has a full-time gender and social inclusion adviser who will be assisting organisations as they work their way through the five-stage application process. If you have any questions about how you can incorporate social inclusion in your grant proposals contact

For more information

p: +675 323 4732